3 Things to do when you notice you're comparing yourself to others

3 TIPS FOR WHEN YOU REALIZE YOU'RE COMPARING YOURSELF TO OTHERS This week I've been exploring around Periscope and trying to get comfortable with it. I was really excited to find Haley Night's Periscope challenge this week because it's been so much fun seeing everyone else play around with Periscope for the first time. If you have been on it yet, I highly recommend it. It's amazing how we can just live stream with each other so easily! As with anything online related there are A LOT of creepers out there. My suggestion is to just  go ahead and block them the second that you see a weirdo comment. Don't even let yourself read the entire comment, just BLOCK.

So as part of today's Periscope challenge, I had to share 3 tips. These could be about me or business related. I decided to go with a combo of the two. 3 things to do when you notice you're comparing yourself to others. We compare ourselves to each other all the time. Sometimes without even realizing it. For me a lot of it happens while I'm bored just scrolling through Facebook. No bueno. No matter how confident we are with ourselves, there are still going to be moments when you're asking yourself why you can't be doing it the way someone else is.

1. Ask yourself what feelings are coming up from this comparison. Are you feeling jealous? Do you feel like they have it figured out and you don't? By taking a step back and understanding the underlying feelings behind why you're comparing yourself to someone else, you'll know more about where you stand with yourself.

2. Accept it and let yourself recognize that they are doing something or have something that you desire and that's ok. I learned this from the amazing Gabby Bernstein and it's really resonated with me. She basically says that these feelings are coming from a place of desire and instead of making yourself feel like you'll never have that, remind yourself that if you really do desire it, you'll get it or something even better. Accept it and then let it go.

3. Gratitude. It's always important to be grateful throughout the day, but especially in moments like these. Take 30 seconds or a minute and be grateful for the life you are living today and how that makes you feel.

Remember that everyone is on their own unique path. This is what makes your life exciting and unique and unlike anyone else's. You are where you are today because you're supposed to be there. Today you are setting yourself up for tomorrow's success.

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