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I've been on a real workout kick thanks to my friends joining ClassPass, which means I've also been feeling really inspired to find some cute workout clothes. Joining ClassPass with friends has been the best because we all keep each other accountable and it has been fun trying out new studios that we'd probably never go to on our own for the first time! If you haven't tried ClassPass yet I highly recommend it. I haven't fully committed to the idea of quitting my gym membership, so in the meantime I've frozen the membership that way I don't feel guilty about two memberships.

I never in a million years thought I would become one of those girls who is so specific about her tennis shoes depending on the activity. However, since I started running long distances, I have come to realize the importance of this. For me, Brooks shoes fit me the best for my runs. Other shoes I have tried in the past gave me really bad shin splints, but Brooks fit perfect for me. Of course, this is all super personal, but it's what has worked for me over the past few years. For going on walks, hiking (LA style hiking - nothing serious), and strength training, I usually reach for my Nike's.

My typical workout outfit consists of black leggings and a fun yoga top if I'm going to Yoga or some other class. If I'm running, I feel most comfortable in a short sleeve top. If you're still working out in your old sorority t-shirts, it's time to move on. I didn't realize how much difference the shirts made until I was running in 90 degree Texas weather. It's a game changer for sure. 99% of the time I workout in leggings, but if it's hot outside or I'm working out at home, I opt for shorts. I generally rather splurge though on workout leggings than shorts. Also, I try to always keep a long sleeve pullover in my gym bag. Nights get cool fast in LA so but the time I get out of a night class, I'm definitely glad I have something to throw on over my tank.

By now you have probably seen the BKR and S'well bottles everywhere. I have both and they're both great, but the BKR is my favorite. I love the BKR bottle not only because it's so cute, but because water just tastes better out of glass. You know it's true. The S'well bottle has somewhat of a metallic taste, I mean it's not horrible but it's there compared to drinking out of a glass bottle. The benefit it does have over the BKR is that it keeps your water colder longer. Also, I should note that I am constantly dropping things and my BKR is still in tip top shape!

One last thing - I finally got a FitBit a few weeks ago so I'm still in the unsure period where I'm not sure if this is super great or if it's going to get old really fast. Do any of y'all have it? Do you love it?