Spanish Shoes: Avarcas and Espadrilles

Summer Spanish Shoes Espadrilles and Avarcas

Green Avarcas // Red Avarcas // Black Avarcas // Lace Espadrilles Wink Espadrilles // Leather Espadrilles // Color Block Espadrilles

When it comes to anything Spanish, I'm obviously biased. Having spent half of my life in Barcelona, and then not having been in 3 years I feel a bit homesick and try to find bits and pieces of Spain in my every day life. If I see something from Spain on a menu, I order it. If I'm buying some bubbly, I opt for Cava instead of champagne. So, imagine my excitement when two traditional Spanish shoes have now become readily available in the US. Avarcas and Espadrilles.

The funny thing about this trend is that these are shoes that I have worn since I could literally walk. In Spain, everyone (men and women) of all ages where these traditional Spanish shoes. I don't think I ever saw my grandma where any other shoes other than her espadrilles that she had in a about every color imaginable. The other thing to note about espadrilles is that they are super inexpensive in Spain. If you go to the market, they'll be sitting in a pile by the front door. So while I can't tell you to splurge on a basic pair of espadrilles, I did find a few fashion espadrille pieces that do justify the price. These styles include pretty lace designs, leather, or a quirky one-of-a-kind design.

Avarcas have been a favorite of mine for a while. You'll also hear them called menorquinas. Since high school, I have gone through pairs of white avarcas. They are beyond comfortable, especially the more you break them in. These are the perfect summer shoe to go for the minimalist look.

Ps... when shopping for your next pair of Spanish shoes, make sure you check that they're made in Spain, that way you know you're getting an authentic pair!