It has been a while since I have been thinking about doing Instagram roundup posts, but I just haven't been able to decide how I want to do it. Here's a little BTS for you of what goes on in my head for what is in theory a pretty straight forward post: Do I want it to be weekly or monthly? How do I want to layout the images? How do I want to caption it? So instead of running around in circles yet again, here you have it my most recent shots I've taken on my phone while on-the-go for the month of May.  Last weekend, I drove down to San Diego to visit my friends Liz and Jesse. Being driving distance from these two (and their cat and three foster kittens) is like the best thing ever. We spent the morning in SD at an art festival and then drove over to Coronado Island for the afternoon. I had never been and am obsessed. 

We walked around the history Del Coronado Hotel which was beautiful. Unfortunately, I can't remember the last time I was at a resort (very little time for family vacays post-grad I'm learning), but it was nice feeling like I was on a beach vacation even if it was just for the afternoon!

 Seriously though, that view!

INSTAGRAM, BEACH, ICE CREAM, SAN DIEGO And to top it off I got ice cream. Ice cream and the beach have both made it onto my top 10 favorite things list. Sidenote - I'm obsessed with avarcas this year. I grew up wearing them because their the traditional shoe in Barcelona, but I have never really embraced them like I have been recently.

 I tried out Rocksbox for the first time this month and it's pretty cool! It's a subscription service where you get 3 pieces of jewelry and wear them for a month, then you send them back and they send you 3 more. If you fall in love with a piece you can of course buy it. Get your first month free using code: 45fairmountxoxo! BEST FRIENDS, SHOES, FASHION, STYLE Earlier this May, I got the chance to go back home to KC for Mother's Day. It was so much fun catching up with friends and family. This is a BFF shoe shot before dinner. See the avarcas again? Except this time they're Anna's. I guess when you've been friends with a Spanish girl for over 10 years, you start to dress like one. Seriously though, they're so comfortable and they are perfect when you're in need  of a pedi! Speaking of comfortable shoes - the Banana mules I'm wearing here are amazing. PEONIES, FLOWERS, FRESH FLOWERS, SPRING It's been raining like crazy in the midwest recently which meant that I got to see my parent's garden in full bloom, including the rows of peonies!  After months of deliberation, I finally finally decided to get a Fitbit. I got the Charge HR. I know I'm super late to the Fitbit boat, but I'm excited. In the spirit of wellness, I also got Lauryn from TSC's book.  Another snapshot from my trip back home. I love working in different coffee shops and The Roasterie in Kansas City is a personal fave. SKINNY GIRL MARGARITA, CINCO DE MAYO, LIMES Last, but not least, there's Cinco de Mayo. This was by far my most calm Cinco de Mayo in years. I'm going to blame that being on the fact that I'm no longer in Texas. I mean, Dallas knows how to celebrate this holiday. Regardless, my roomie and I decided to celebrate with some Skinny Girl margs and Chipotle!