A Weekend in Seattle

A weekend in Seattle - Pike's Place Market - 45FairmountLast week I shared part of my weekend in Seattle with you and it was all about the food, as most (ok, all) vacations are. While this post isn’t full of yummy treats, I did want to share what we were up to in between meals!

A weekend in Seattle - Space Needle - 45FairmountThere is so much to see and do in Seattle that you can’t let the rain get in the way. It’s part of the whole Seattle experience, right? Having lived in Los Angeles and Texas for the past 7 years, both being in a perpetual state of drought, I forget what it’s like to have to walk around in rain. So our first rainy day there kind of felt novel and exciting. How ridiculous does that sound? Not going to lie, I was also really excited to wear my rain boots for the first time in forever.

Whenever I travel to a new city, one of my favorite things to do is just wander around, no destination needed. It’s a fun and inspiring way to see a city and you aren’t just focused on your Google maps to make sure you don’t miss a turn.

A weekend in Seattle - Pike's Place Market - 45Fairmount

The farmer’s market at Pike's Place Market (yep, where the original Starbs is) was so much fun to walk through. There were beautiful fresh flowers everywhere and there were a few occasions where we considered buying flowers just to carry them around because they were so pretty. A weekend in Seattle - Pike's Place Market - 45FairmountOf course we also made it up to the Space Needle. I am terrified of heights and elevators. Like I almost started crying when I went up to the top of the Empire State building. Had I not been on a date, I actually would have cried. Like with any other place that’s high up, the view is always worth so I went. Of course they had to pack the elevator with as many people as possible, which is just SO unnecessary, but I did it!

 A weekend in Seattle - Space Needle - 45FairmountA Weekend In Seattle - Tulip Festival - 45Fairmount

For our last full day in Seattle, we drove an hour and a half to the Tulip Festival! We got lucky because it was supposedly one of the last weeks where the tulips would be in tip top tulip shape. The drive up was absolutely beautiful. There are few things better than road trips with your best friends. Once at the Tulip Festival we were surrounded by colorful tulips and we proceeded to take pictures for the next hour. Like so many pictures. After we maxed out all of our phones with Tulip pictures, we headed to lunch in Anacortes. After our adventures outside outside of Seattle, we decided to go back into town, specifically because we all wanted to go back to Rachel’s Ginger Beer. I wasn’t kidding when I told you how much we loved it.

A Weekend In Seattle - Tulip Festival - 45Fairmount