What to pack for seattle



For me, spring marks the start of my busy travel schedule and this really excites me! I love to travel and even though it can get exhausting, I love having the opportunity to be able to explore new places. I kicked off my travels last weekend to attend the Go Blog Social conference. It was so inspiring to be around entrepreneurs. I find that going to these events really helps re-energize me. My next adventure is this weekend and I am off to Seattle for the very first time! I can't wait to explore this city because I have heard nothing but great things. My roommate also just informed me that an international barista competition is going on this weekend. How do you beat that? So as I am typing this what I really should be doing is packing. Instead, I am going to delay the actual packing and share with you what I am going to pack for Seattle!

Shoes So obviously I am packing my rain boots. The rainy weather is going to be a fun change because of the wardrobe options that I rarely get to wear in Los Angeles. The rain boots are also going to be vital when we go to the Tulip Festival since it'll be super muddy. Other than my rain boots (which by the way autocorrect on my computer changes rainboots to rainbows which makes me smile) I'll be packing my running shoes to get at least one run in. I'm training for the Nike Women's 15k in Toronto this summer. If you're doing it too let me know!! So in addition to the rain boots and running shoes I'm going to pack my fave Rag & Bone booties that go with every outfit imaginable.

Clothes It's going to be in the upper 50s so it's going to be all about the layering. Since we're going to be constantly on the go, I'm going for comfort. But let's be real, I would be going for comfort even if I wasn't on the go. This is the perfect opportunity to wear spring sweaters and spring denim. Grey denim and pastel sweaters are going to be perfect for the weekend. I also love the military trend and my J.Crew jacket is perfect. If you are looking to invest in a mild weather jacket that is timeless, this one is definitely it. I bought it a few years ago and J.Crew continues to sell it season after season because it is such a staple.

Accessories Because layering is going to be key this weekend, I'm packing my favorite spring/summer scarf. I'm also going bringing along a cross body bag that is big enough to hold my camera, but is comfortable enough to wear while running around Seattle or riding bikes. For this trip I was really thinking about how nice it would be to have a cute backpack, but I quickly realized it did not make sense to go buy one just for this trip....right?