Go Blog Social 2015


In February, I attended Go Blog Social, a blogger and small business workshop, in Kansas City. I held off on writing about my experience because I was planning on attending their 2 day conference in March and wanted to write one comprehensive post about my experience. So here it is! If you subscribe to 45F The Newsletter, you read a bit about my experience at the 2 day conference. If you haven’t subscribed yet, sign up below and you’ll get an added bonus in your mailbox!

One of my favorite things about blogging is the opportunity to meet amazing bloggers and small business owners. Each of these women that I meet are so passionate about what they do and work tirelessly to present to the world the best that they have to offer. I love learning about everyone’s blogging journey. The cool thing about blogging is that everyone has a different path and a different timeline. No matter where you are in your blogging life, there is someone more experienced who wants to guide you and someone who just started who looks up to you. It’s humbling and rewarding and makes those nights where I am up until 2 am writing a post so worth it. GO BLOG SOCIAL 2015 BLOG CONFERENCE

 Relationship building is a huge part of attending these events. Putting a focus on this allows you to make connections with other bloggers who will become blogging buddies for blogging emotional support or a collaborator or will help you propel your business. One of the bloggers and small business owners that I met at the GBS workshop in February was Jenna of J. Lynn Designery. We had each break out session together so we got to know each other like how she has two pet guinea pigs which are the absolute cutest (check out her Insta - she threw a party for them once, no joke) and how my friends have been basically campaigning to get me to move back to Kansas City. Now, I’m currently working on a new project that is going to launch in August (more on that soon!) and needed a logo. I immediately knew that she was who I wanted to work with on my logo and she has done an amazing job so far!

Another takeaway form GBS is how important it is to not compare yourself to someone else’s timeline. A few months ago I wrote an article for Kaleidoscope where I mentioned the importance of not comparing yourself to someone else’s timeline. I admitted that I struggle with this sometimes, just like anybody else. It’s not only important to remember this in terms of career and love life, but also when it comes to blogging.


You may not know this about me, but when I was in college I had a blog called To Kansas, With Love and a YouTube channel by the same name. It was when blogs were really starting to take off and I started along with some bloggers who are absolutely huge today. I had a following and even worked with brands. The problem was that I was missing confidence while writing for TKWL. I wasn’t afraid to put myself in front of the online world, but I was afraid to share this with friends. I eventually decided that I wasn’t good enough to be blogging so I quit. Fast forward to last year when I realized that i was ready to go for it again and I am starting from scratch. It’s like TKWL never existed because I didn’t maintain the relationships I built. And here’s where the comparing timelines come in - now and again I will get frustrated with myself thinking, man if I hadn’t quit TKWL I would have been just as successful as the well-known bloggers who started when I did. I very quickly have to snap out of this because it will get me know where dwelling on this. I have to remind myself that everyone has a different journey and I quit TKWL because it wasn’t right for me. Had I kept going and forcing it maybe the quality wouldn’t have been as good and maybe I would have gotten burnt out completely and never wanted to return to it.


We all fall into the trap of comparing ourselves, but getting out as quickly as possible is the key to surviving. Attending conferences like GBS gets me out of it quickly because I feel excited and motivated to create new things - on my own timeline. When successful bloggers present, I don’t feel frustrated with my blog I feel empowered. No matter what industry you’re in, I highly recommend attending workshops and conferences. The people you meet will become invaluable to your career and your life and you can never have too many reminders of how you will achieve your dreams.