Things to do in Kansas City

5 things to do in Kansas City Can you believe it's March? This month, things to do in Kansas City include treating yourself to a sweet treat in form of a homemade pop-tart, breathing the same air as Adam Levine, and shopping for your spring wardrobe.

1. I recently learned that Thou Mayest serves homemade pop-tarts. Words can't explain how excited I am to try one! 2. Since I was in college, it has been a family tradition to go to dinner at Michael Smith whenever I was back in town. 3. Maroon 5 is going to be in Kansas City March 21st. If you're going, I'm super jealous! 4. It's time to do some spring shopping! On March 7th, Halls is hosting a Spring Break event featuring the latest contemporary trends. 5. I've always loved March Madness in Kansas City. Don't forget that the Men's Big 12 Championship will be played in KC on March 14th. This might not be my Horned Frogs' year, but it'll be fun game to watch regardless.