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Meet Rita Basconi of Pass the Sass blog I am so excited that my cousin, Rita (and co-founder of the blog Pass the Sass), was willing to be interviewed for my "being 20-something" series. In the past few interviews, I've touched on women who have started their careers in the last 3-4 years. While I love learning about the early paths, I think it is also important to remember the beginning phases of life out of college. This is wear Rita comes in. She's currently a senior at Centre College in Kentucky. In a few months she'll be graduating and I know she's going to do amazing things in this world while being honest, and funny, enthusiastic and sassy all at the same time. Make sure to check out Pass the Sass for some sassy commentary on this thing we called life.

What would your freshman year self be most surprised about you today? That I sleep. Freshman year my time management skills left everything to be desired. I was under the impression that I needed a significant “break” between class and homework, so I ended up starting in on my homework at like 9 or 10pm. This resulted in a bedtime of 3 or 4am every night. I was a literal zombie. Though I had heard all the science and had all the lectures about the importance of sleep, I believed I could just will myself to be productive in the wee hours of the night when I was running on like 5% of brain battery power. Sometime a few years later I finally woke up and smelled the sunflowers and by that I mean I went to bed! Now, I don’t stand for a bedtime past midnight and I even lecture others about the importance of getting sleep. The difference sleep makes on everything from physical health to mood to productivity and concentration is UNDENIABLE, hence why I have since crossed over from the dark side (they don't have cookies, btw).

What’s your next step after graduating? Finding the safest looking bridge and moving in underneath. Just kidding. I am hoping some kind soul in Nashville wants to hire me.

Meet Rita of Pass the Sass blog

What are you looking forward to most in your twenties? Living life without school for the first time in my life!!! I'm so stoked! I've heard so much about it. I probably won't even knowing what to do with my hands.

What are you most excited about 2015 professionally? job job. This is that magical time in one’s life where they fly away from the nest and go put all that college education to good use and make their parents proud. Totally can't wait for that. Plus my internship this semester is an entirely new experience and I'm happy to say that I love it and could see myself pursuing it! Note: I'm actually only a day into the internship but I anticipate it continuing to go well.

Meet Rita Basconi of

What’s one of the biggest life lessons you’ve learned in college? Literally everything happens for a reason. I apologize for how cliché this is, but it’s the truest thing I have ever witnessed. One example: when it came time for me to study abroad, I applied to all the Europe programs (because everyone knows Europe is the place to be). Then they reviewed my application and kindly placed me on the waiting list for all the places I wanted to go. This was a slightly uncomfortable moment for me because studying abroad is kind of a rite-of-passage at my school and I had just been denied all the programs I wanted. My sister then suggested that I apply for the Mexico program because she’d heard great things about it and there were still openings for it. Next thing I knew, I found myself basking in sunny Merida, Mexico for three months taking trips to Progreso, Chichén Itzá, Playa del Carmen and CUBA (before it was legal, no big deal) and I realized that getting waitlisted for all those other programs was truly the best worst thing that ever happened to me because Mexico was more excellent in every way possible. The main highlights were my host family, the food, the temperature, the exchange rate, and the beaches.

But back to the life lesson--I have found that I have a different reaction now when something doesn't go the way I was anticipating. Instead of getting all bent out of shape, I have learned to channel my disappointment into curiosity about WHY it happened. Sometimes it can take a day to find out why something happened and sometimes it can take years, but so far I have found it worth it every time.

When work gets overwhelming, how do you bring sanity to your day? I play the piano! I really have to make an effort, too, because the piano practice rooms are so far from my dorm room, but it makes me realize the truth in the statement “if it’s important you’ll find a way, if not you’ll find an excuse.”

How do you stay motivated even during the uncertainty of what the next few years are going to be like? I remember that I’m not the only person in this situation (and thank goodness for that) and I also remind myself that whatever is supposed to happen, will happen.

Describe your twenties in 3 words Refreshing // Independent // Promising

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Meet Rita of Pass the Sass blog