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Meet Adrienne of Meet Adrienne of Vanity Salad! Vanity Salad is one of the latest blog coming out of Dallas, TX. VS covers lifestyle topics from fashion to beauty to music. I'm so excited that Adrienne was able to answer a few questions I had to her about her experience launching a blog while still maintaining a full-time job. She also shared with me some amazing do's and don'ts for both the office and for life in general.

What would your college self be most surprised about you today? For being the girl who used to stay up until 2am, I have been incredibly surprised that I have gotten into the habit of going to bed before 10:30pm every night. Work has turned me into a full blown granny!

What made you decide to just go for it when it came to starting a blog? I wanted to find my voice in doing what I love. Blogging became my outlet for creativity.

What challenges have you come across while working a full-time job and launching a blog? It has been extremely difficult making the sacrifice to give up complete freedom of my nights and weekends. Since I also work a full time job with Fossil in product development, I have to really utilize my time outside of work. Blogging takes a lot of energy, hard work, and dedication. In my opinion it has all been worth it because blogging is my passion, and I really look forward to blogging on my off time.

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What have you found to be most rewarding about blogging so far? Watching it grow and gain a stronger following. I love to read everyone’s comments! It makes all of the hard work worth while.

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When work gets overwhelming, how do you bring sanity to your day? I drink a great big glass of wine!

How do you manage a work-life balance? It’s tough! I’m still trying to work through that one and establish a routine that I am comfortable with. Hang in there friends!

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How does living in Dallas play a role in your fashion and daily inspiration? Dallas is my main source of inspiration, and I like to feed off of the abundance of art the city has to offer. Fashion is art, and without art there would be no fashion! I also incorporate all aspects of Dallas living into the blog - from fashion to craft beer and fun Dallas dining, we aspire to include it all.

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