Meet Lauren Sims of LOLO Magazine

Meet Lauren Sims Fashion and Style Blogger Editor at LOLO MagazineMeet Lauren Sims, one of the voices behind LOLO Magazine and PR girl for Milk + Honey Boutique. As an editor for LOLO Magazine, Lauren has been able to share her love and knowledge of fashion with women all over the world. This is no surprise as her previous job was as a Merchandise Coordinator for the Fine Apparel office at Neiman Marcus. I worked with Lauren briefly in this office and have been excited to see how her new fashion adventure has taken over the blogging world.

What would your college self be most surprised about you today? I think my college self would be most surprised by how much experience I’ve already had in the fashion industry – only being out of college for two-ish years. From interning in NYC, going to NYFW, and working several different jobs in fashion, I think I’d be surprised at how submerged I got in the industry so quickly! Meet Lauren Sims Fashion and Style Blogger Editor at LOLO Magazine

You went from working on the corporate side of Neiman Marcus to being an editor for LOLO Magazine. How to you stay productive now that you're in an unstructured environment? This was definitely a big transition! As simple as it sounds – I live by to-do lists. Every morning I wake up, I have my coffee and quiet time, and then start making my list for the day.

Describe your typical work day. Besides LOLO Mag, I also work part time for Milk & Honey Boutique – developing and growing their website, managing their PR, etc. So, I typically work from home from about 8am until noon on LOLO Mag stuff. Then I go into the online studios for Milk & Honey, work there until about 5pm. I then come home and work more for LOLO Mag until dinner. It’s a lot, but I love what I do.

What are you most excited about 2015 professionally? I am so excited to continue to watch LOLO Mag grow. Since I started with LOLO Mag in September, the blog's following has multiplied tremendously, which I love seeing. I’m also excited for the things I’ll continue to learn. As a fashion blogger, you work for yourself and so it’s up to you to learn and grow as much as possible and I feel like I’ve learned so much already. I’m excited to continue this learning and growing process!

Meet Lauren Sims Fashion and Style Blogger Editor at LOLO Magazine What’s one of the biggest life lessons you’ve learned in your twenties? Life is not perfect, and that’s okay. There will never be the perfect job, the perfect husband, the perfect friend, and we must learn to love our own imperfections and others. I think we waste so much time trying to make our lives (or ourselves) perfect and it’s exhausting. We can continue striving to attain perfection until the day we die, or we can take each day as it comes with a thankful heart and live with joy.

When work gets overwhelming, how do you bring sanity to your day? I love this question – because this seems to happen far too often! A lot of times I will just close my computer, put my phone on airplane mode, and go take my puppy for a walk or read or journal. Anything to sort of “unplug” from everything that’s going on!

How do you manage a work/life balance as a wife and a puppy mom? I do my best to set specific times of when I’m going to work. I try to not work on the weekends, but if I do, I set parameters. For example, I’m going to work from 5-8pm on Sunday. During the week I try to not work at all after dinner, put my phone away, and just be with my husband and our pup!

Meet Lauren Sims Fashion and Style Blogger Editor at LOLO Magazine

Life Do's and Don'ts Do's:

  • Laugh a lot, sometimes at yourself
  • Love others selflessly and with your whole heart
  • Give 110% to everything you do – in work, relationships, and all of life.


  • Sweat the small stuff
  • Expect perfection from yourself or others

Meet Lauren Sims Fashion and Style Blogger Editor at LOLO Magazine



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