5 tips on how to layer outfits

5 tips for layering outfits In my last post, I touched on how proper layering can add the perfect touch to an outfit. In the case of that outfit, it was an 80 degree Southern California day, but I still wanted to feel like it was winter. By adding a fuzzy cardigan, my cut off shorts and short sleeve tee went from July to December, just like that. Feeling inspired, I wanted to share style tips on how you can layer outfits.

1. Start with the basics When it comes to layering, you want to start basic. Think of it as a blank canvas. With this approach you'll avoid your layers looking too busy and forced. Isn't it all about the effortless look after all? Splendid and Rag & Bone are my go-to's for basics because they're comfortable and fit well. Draped Top // Cotton Tee // Classic Tank // Draped Poncho

2. Say yes to vests Vests are great layering pieces for transitional weather. I love leather vests for a year-round layered look. They add edge to an outfit in an instant. Quilted vests are great for the fall and winter because some tend to be almost as warm as coats. On a warmer day, layer a short sleeve tee underneath the vest. When it's colder, a sweater will look great underneath it. Rebecca Taylor Vest (on sale!) // J. Crew Vest

3. Wrap up in a scarf Scarves are such an easy layering pieces. If you could only have two scarves in the world, I would suggest a blanket scarf and a silk scarf. If you're shopping for investment pieces, I suggest sticking to neutrals. The wearability increases and they'll be great for those days when you're in a hurry and need to throw on something that goes with everything. It's amazing how such a simple piece of fabric can complete a look. Burberry Scarf // Alexander McQueen Scarf

4. Add a pop of color At this point, you're definitely searching for color in the sea of neutrals I just set up for you. I like to add color by way of accessories, this way if you have to take a layer off (like a scarf or vest) your outfit will still have a pop of color. Valentino Shoes // Rebecca Minkoff Bag // Kendra Scott Necklace // Steve Madden Pumps

5. Plaid shirts are the new cardigan By now you've seen the plaid shirt trend everywhere and there's a reason for this. It's a new and edgier alternative to the cardigan. One of my recent favorite ways to wear a plaid shirt is unbuttoned over a black dress. Rails makes my favorite plaid shirts and I highly suggest them. They're super soft and the fit is just right. White Hunter Buttondown // Navy Hunter Button Down

PS... How I wore my Rails plaid shirt Layer for a warm winter day