Find the planner that's right for you

find the planner for you

Although we are now a few weeks into the new year, it's not too late for you to get started with a new planner. Below are my thoughts on planner's I've tried out over the years to help you find the planner that's right for you.

The best part about going back to school is obviously the school supply shopping. From the age of 7 I understood the concept of a shopping spree meant and I knew that back-to-school was the event of the year. 18 years later, my love for what are now "office" supplies remains. Planners are at the forefront of this. Each year I scour the internet to find what the best new planner is going to be. Despite everything being on computers now, I still need my planner to physically check tasks off my list. It makes me feel much more productive. What makes me feel almost even more productive then checking things off my list is actually writing out the list. The Day Designer The Day Designer is the planner that I'm currently using and I love it. Each week day gets its own page and the weekend has its own page. What I like best about this planner is its week day page layout. It's broken into segments and split down the page is a column for the schedule and one for other to-do's. I really like being able to have these separate because it keeps my notes much more organized. I also love how the top section has space for "Today's Top Three." Nothing wrong with some forced prioritization. Ban.Do The Ban.Do agenda is as quirky and fun as you image it would be. It's small which makes it easy to throw in your purse. That being said though, the page layout isn't as comprehensive as others. Each week is shared on two pages. What drew me to this planner is what draws me into every other Ban.Do product, how fun it is. Throughout the planner there are fun "to-do" suggestions like "come up with a secret handshake."

Find the planner that's right for you

Kate Spade The Kate Spade planner was my favorite before discovering the Day Designer. I had versions of this planner from 2012 to 2014. The covers are adorable and each month has a catchy Kate Spade-esque quote. After finishing the planners I tore these out to frame them. That's how cute they are. Also, it's important to note that I never felt like I needed more space with this planner. Find the Planner that's right for you

Erin Condren Erin Condren planners take me back to my college days. A few of my friends started using these in college and years later, they still swear by them. There are two main things that set apart these planners from the rest. The first being that the covers are customizable. The second being the layout of the pages. Like many planners, the week is split on two pages, but the difference is that its a vertical format. Each day is broken out into morning, day, and night which is helpful when it comes to organizing your day. Find the planner that's right for you

Best for College: Erin Condren Best for Daily Prioritizing: The Day Designer Best for Work: Kate Spade Best for Fun: Ban.Do