Comfortable Clothes for the Stylish Girl

comfort and style

// Wildfox Sweatshirt // Baldwin Sweatshirt // Rails Top // Stella McCartney Crossbody // // Tory Burch Boots // Blank Leather Pants

In my last outfit post I explained the ways that the outfit I was wearing balanced comfort and style. I was still feeling inspired by the post, so I picked out a few more items to go with this theme. I love outfits that you can just throw on yet they look like you have spent time putting it together. Last weekend, my cousin told me that she was always amazed at how I can just throw on a top and jeans and it looks planned. That was probably the best complement I could receive.

I have mentioned before how much I love Rails tops. They're so comfortable and soft. I want one for every day of the week. Too much? I'm also a sucker for sweatshirts, both designer and athletic. My mom cringes at the thought of how many high school and college sweatshirts are just taking up space in my room at home. My personal favorite are Wildfox sweatshirts. They're fun and quirky...and they're crazy soft....there's starting to be theme here isn't there? I know it can seem kind of ridiculous to splurge on a sweatshirt, but I promise you Wildfox is worth it. Plus, if you shop around, I know you can find them on sale.

Another piece of the comfort and style puzzle is pants. I own a pair of these Blank faux leather spray on pants and when I first put them on I was shocked how comfortable they were. I had put off wearing them for a while because I thought there's no way I'm going to want to sit at work in these all day. I was wrong! The inside lining is yep, you guessed it, soft, so you don't have the faux leather material touching your skin. Can you imagine how gross that would feel by the end of the day? Ew. These have now become a staple for me and I even wear them on the plane.

PS... A Shortsleeve Rails Top Coated Denim if you're not convinced on the faux leather pant