Class Pass

Class PassOver the past few years, attending workouts at fitness studios like Pure Barre and FlyWheel has become my favorite type of exercise. The problem is that most of these studios cost over $100 per month so there's no way you can justify being a member of a barre studio, yoga studio, spin studio...and the list goes on. Class Pass is the amazing new service that allows you to pay one membership fee of $99 per month and you can attend different studios around your city. You're limited to attending up to three classes at each studio per month, but with the wide selection of studios available, you'll probably still be able to do your favorite kind of workouts. I was so excited to try it out when it finally launched in Dallas. It's such a fun way to change up your workout routine and discover new places. I also think it's a great way to workout with friends because even if you aren't members of the same gym, you can still work out together if you both have Class Pass. Added accountability for fitness is never a bad thing! I'm not yet ready to give up my gym membership for this, but I love that I finally have the added flexibility of more workout options at more times. Below are some of my favorite studios that I attend in both LA and Dallas, all of which are available on Class Pass.

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Favorite Dallas Studios

Pure Barre Orange Theory Exhale Smart Barre FlyWheel

Favorite Los Angeles Studios

Unplug Meditation The Bar Method FlyWheel Orange Theory

Other Cities with Class Pass

New York, Chicago, Boston, Washington D.C., San Francisco, Portland, Seattle, San Diego, and Austin