best outfits of 2014

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Y'all. I'm 25. Turning 25 is one of those bazaar birthdays where it's a milestone that you've pictured forever, but when it actually gets here it's like "so now what?" I have to say though, I feel pretty good about this year. I feel like this is my year. I'm in a new city and I have amazing projects that are in the works. I could not be more excited about them. It's easy to get caught up thinking about what I haven't accomplished yet, but you know what? I've accomplished so much in the past few years. I moved from Fort Worth to Dallas. I was an assistant buyer for Neiman Marcus. I trusted my gut to move back to LA and work at a start up. Can't complain here.

Since I didn't do an end of the year outfit recap, I thought what better time to do one than for my birthday. I chose these four outfits as my best outfits of 2014 or as a 24-year-old. When I put these images together I immediately noticed two things. The first being clearly these Joie and Sam Edelman's are my faves. So far, they haven't made much of an appearance in 2015, but they're still staples in my wardrobe. The second trend I noticed was black and red. Black is my favorite clothing color. It's chic, it's simple, it goes with everything. I've always loved red as an accent color. It's bright and it makes a statement. The hard part is finding the right shade, but the red Kate Spade skirt is one of the best investment pieces I've ever made.


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