Quote of the Week

October Quote Anne of Green GablesI came across this quote last year and I love it because October is one of my favorite months of the year. The transition of fall is rejuvenating. The air is crisper and the anticipation of the holiday season begins. It's also a more social month because summer vacations have ended and not as many people are out of town. It's the month where I finally commit to going dark for nail polish (still slowly transitioning with a medium gray). Cozy sweaters make their way out of storage and into the closet. In October scarves transition from accessories to necessities. And you can't forget pumpkins. October = Pumpkins. Who doesn't love pumpkin flavors, no matter how basic they may make you. This is confirmed by a text message that I just received from my best friend saying, "We just went to Trader Joe's and bought a billion pumpkin flavored things." To make the most of this month and next, I have created a Fall bucket list that I will share with you here on the blog tomorrow.

What month are you so glad to have in your life?