The Perfect Weekend Outfit

The perfect weekend outfit jeans and a tshirtBaldwin KC hat and the perfect weekend outfitBaldwin KC hat and the perfect weekend outfit Joie heels and ripped denim from William RastT-Shirt from the Bloguttes Branding Workshop White shirt from the Bloguettes Branding Workshop Baldwin KC hat and the perfect weekend outfitRed Baldwin KC Hat // Shirt - The Bloguettes // Hat - Baldwin Denim // Jeans - William Rast (similar here) // // Shoes - Joie // Clutch - Chanel //


The perfect weekend outfit is jeans and a t-shirt plain and simple. What makes this a timeless favorite? It's comfortable and easy - a canvas to express your attitude towards the day. If you're feeling edgy you throw on a leather jacket. If you're feeling girly you add a pearl necklace. I think it would be fun to see how many different ways I could style this outfit solely based on my mood that day, no premeditated ideas. While the t-shirt varies when it comes to my perfect weekend outfit, these William Rast jeans remain a staple. I've deemed them my weekend jeans mainly because wearing them Monday through Friday isn't an option. My workplace abides by the same rules as my parents circa 2004 - no holes in your jeans. The shirt I wore in this perfect weekend outfit post is one of my favorite items I got from attending the Bloguettes workshop. If you haven't heard of it, it's an amazing two day branding workshop led by women who understand the blogosphere and the importance of branding.

This week seemed appropriate to share this perfect weekend outfit because of the KC hat and how the Royals have made it to the playoffs (baseball, ladies) so Kansas City is everywhere. It's been six years since I left Kansas City, but it will forever be my hometown. I have a soft spot for Kansas City related things, cue the Baldwin KC hat. I'm pretty sure every Kansas City resident owns this hat, but that's just goes to show how much pride that city has (and that says a lot coming from someone who's been living in the state with the most state pride for the last three years).

Photography by Megan Mueller-Weaver