Travel Essentials: What every woman needs to pack

travel essentails

2014 is my year of travel. Since January, I’ve traveled at least twice a month. My wardrobe has suffered now that I’ve been spending my money on plane tickets instead of clothes, but it has been well worth it! I’ve explored new cities and old and re-fallen in love with these cities each time. Some people think I’m crazy for going out of town so much, but what better time than your twenties to travel? We all are guilty of waiting until the night before to pack. In order to alleviate some stress, here is a list of travel essentials that you can always have ready to go, so you know exactly what to throw into your carry on. These travel essentials will keep you warm, hydrated, and organized.

  1. A suitcase you aren't afraid to damage if you check it.
  2. big shawl that you can throw over your shoulders and then use as a blanket once you’re on the plane. Neutral colors will go with everything.
  3. Pouches - one for your chargers, one for jewelry, one for odds and ends
  4. A bottle of water, tea bags, and Oatmega Bars - never feel like you have to be unhealthy at the airport again. Tea bags are a great way to de-puff and a soda alternative, just ask for hot water on the plane.
  5. A carry-on purse and cross body for when you've actually made it to your destination.
  6. Chapstick and bright lipstick. Keep your lips moisturized while on the plane and touch up with bright lipstick to look fresh when getting off the plane.