How to rediscover the city you live in

quote3 It happens to all of us, once we've lived somewhere long enough the glittering lights start to dim as we go through the motions day after day. I experienced this around year two of living in Dallas so I decided to be proactive and start changing up my routine and exploring the city. At the time, I was reading Pain, Parities, Work by Elizabeth Winder and came across this quote. Never has a quote resonated so much to me in my life. By allowing myself to rediscover the city, I found myself in parts of Dallas that I never knew existed and doing activities that allowed myself to meet new people who were equally as excited to explore Dallas.

5 tips on how to rediscover the city you live in

1. Sign up for local newsletters: By subscribing to Dallas Tidbits and CultureMap, I feel like I have Dallas at my finger tips. These are the best ways to learn about new store and restaurant openings, free events in the area including concerts, and just general news of what's going on in the community.

2. Move to a new neighborhood: Now, this isn't something that you can just take action on tomorrow, but if you're in the market for a new apartment, don't be afraid to try a new neighborhood. After living in Uptown, I was ready for a different scene and found some great options in Downtown. EVERYONE I knew told me to avoid Downtown, but I did it anyway and I am so glad I did. I get to live in an up and coming neighborhood and get to brag to everyone about all the cool things that are going to be happening.

3. Stop eating at the same 3 restaurants: We all do this. We get stuck in a rut (a delicious rut mind you) of the same two or three restaurants. Make an effort the next time someone asks where y'all should eat to suggest somewhere new, even if it means driving 5 more minutes. It'll be well worth it.

4. Find free exercise classes: I love finding free exercise classes because it's easy to drag a friend along to and you get to change up your workout routine. Recently I went to a free sunset yoga class in the park sponsored by Equinox. They teamed up with Green House Market to provide dinner after. Had I not gone to this I wouldn't have discovered the most delicious and healthy food option at NorthPark.

5. Google the NY Times 36 hours for your city: I'm willing to be that you haven't been to each place on this 36 hours itinerary Why not make it a weekend staycation where you follow the itinerary?