Hello September and The EveryGirl's 30-Day Challenge

Labor Day is now behind us and we are 21 days away from Fall. The transition from Summer to Fall is my favorite time of year. Unfortunately, I refuse to live anywhere that gets cold, so that means I have to wait for Fall to arrive around late October or early November. So, as I prepare for my favorite time of year (wait...it might be tied with Christmas time), I'm going to participate in The EveryGirl's 30-Day Challenge. This month's challenge is Self-Improvement and Growth. My personal growth challenge this month is going to be reading and writing. For at least 20 minutes every day this month, I will write (whether it's for the blog or not) or I will catch up on my reading and I won't count magazines.
I spent the majority of my college career reading and writing because I was in the journalism school and my minor was in Spanish literature. Junior year in college, I realized that it was something that I enjoyed and wanted to pursue, so the logical career choice seemed to be public relations. Of course things have changed since graduating and I have now found myself on a career path that is predominantely numbers based. In the last two years, I've noticed that my writing skills have become a little rusty, which is in part why I found it so important for me to start this blog. I am excited to take on this challenge because it is something I've been meaning to do for a while now, and will hopefully prove to be the extra push I need. 
Will y'all be participating in the 30-Day Challenge?