Colored leather jacket for fall

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 Blue Leather Jacket - Massimo Dutti // Pants - Zara // Shoes - Joie // Top - Banana Republic Heritage // Bag - Louis Vuitton


This weekend I got to enjoy a relaxing few days visiting my parents in Kansas City. There really is nothing like going back home and getting a chance to completely unwind. What made this weekend even more enjoyable was the amazing fall weather we had on Friday and Saturday. For the first time in months I was shivering and no longer sweating every time I stepped outside. I was excited to bring out my blue leather jacket from Massimo Dutti because I didn't get much of a chance to wear it last winter. I got it right as it was starting to warm up in Dallas and I was kind of over my winter clothes. I have an obsession with leather jackets and I especially love colored leather jackets. It is such a fun way to do leather because it makes it seem lighter and easier to wear during transition seasons.