Never Again...Will I Wear Sweats on a Plane

Never again will I wear sweats on a plane. This may come shocking as I prioritize comfort when it comes to everything I wear however, I decided that how you present yourself when you travel is a reflection of who you are. Think about it, the airport is one giant building of first impressions and you never know who you’ll meet. Growing up, my parents instilled the rule of dressing up when you travel. My dad always said that you should dress for how you want to be treated. And when you’ve just gotten off an eight hour flight and the connecting flight is cancelled, trust me, you want to be taken seriously. High school happened and I became Miss Independent and this rule flew out the window. I hopped onto the plane in my Hard Tail yoga pants, cheerleading sweatshirt, and hair pulled back into a messy bun. I stayed true to this look throughout college, replacing the Hard Tails with Lululemons at some point during Sophomore year. 
During college I began traveling more often and learned to be an efficient traveler. There was just one missing part before becoming a master traveler and that was how I presented myself. I look very young for my age, so when I wore workout clothes I pulled off 16-years-old much better than 20-something. Realizing this, I decided to start dressing up when traveling. I replaced the Lululemon’s with denim and the sweatshirt with a blouse and oversized cardigan. As you can imagine, I no longer felt like I was being perceived as a high schooler and that gave me more confidence.
While this is what stemmed my reasoning for dressing nicely while traveling, I like to tell my friends a different reason (which is also true - just realized a few years later). I sometimes imagine that I will meet my future husband on a plane. This is not so far fetched because I met my best friend on a plane from Los Angeles to Kansas City (story for next time). So reverting back to what I said about the airport being one giant place for first impressions - my chances are probably stronger if I don’t look like I’m on my way to the gym and more like I’m on my way to a fabulous vacation or work meeting. 
So here’s to hopping off the plane in confidence, in love, and never in sweats.

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