45F Travels: A Weekend in Nashville

 Two weekends ago I was back for a weekend in Nashville, surprise surprise. Once I fall in love with a city, I can’t stop visiting. It also helps that both my cousin and one of my bffs from college live there. What keeps me going back to Nashville is its authenticity, both in the people and in the city itself. Despite being such a rapidly growing city, I always feel its uniqueness. My roommate joined me on this trip to see why I keep coming back for more and within the first 5 minutes after we landed she said she couldn’t believe how nice everyone is. And it’s true. While Dallas does have its share of Southern hospitality, it doesn’t even come close to the politeness of Nashville. We went to Tootsie’s one night, which is one of the bars on Broadway and it was packed to capacity. Each time someone tried to squeeze by they said, “excuse me, I’m so sorry, is it ok if I squeeze by? Thank you!” Nashville is also a mecca for eating delicious food. I’m pretty sure that’s what we did 90% of the weekend and it was so worth it. There are so many delicious restaurants to choose from that Saturday night we decided to do a progressive dinner and order one thing at each restaurant. Our first dish was ordered at 5pm and the last at 11pm. Believe me, I felt there was a much needed detox on Monday to say the least.
Friday night: 
Dinner at Pinewood Social. This is not only a restaurant and bar, but it also has a bowling alley, pool, and outdoor patio with games including bocce ball.
Live music at Tootsies: Tootsie’s is right on Broadway where you can find all the flashing lights and honky tonks. It’s pretty touristy and we counted about 14 bachelorette parties, but if you’ve never been, you need to check one of these bars off your list. And hey, who doesn’t love live music?
Brunch at the Frothy Monkey: eggs, bread, and a chai tea latte. 
Post brunch snack at Peace Love & Little Donuts: just keep eating just keep eating....
Yoga: My first yoga nitra experience. After 30 minutes of flow, you medidate and fall into a half sleep/half awake state.
Progressive Dinner:
Urban Grub (12 South neighborhood)
Flipside (12 South neighborhood)
Jeni’s Ice Cream (12 South neighborhood)
Brunch: The Tavern (Midtown)
Latte Time: Edgehill Cafe
Drive around the Parthenon and Vanderbilt and finally back to Dallas.