Nike Women's Half Marathon - Washington DC

I have survived my second half marathon! After the amazing experience of running the Nike Women’s Half Marathon in San Francisco last fall, I was excited to participate in the Washington D.C. edition, especially because I had never been to DC. Both of these races are executed so well and you get your money’s worth in the Nike Dri-Fit shirt and Tiffany’s necklace alone. The 13.1 mile route started and ended on Pennsylvania Avenue and looped around the city passing by the most famous monuments along the way. It’s amazing how such a small area can be home to so much culture and history. Because I spent the majority of my time in Georgetown and the Capitol Hill area, I left with plenty to do the next time I make it back to our nation’s capitol. 
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cousins in washington, dc
{ Cousins reunited in DC - wearing a Rails top and David Lerner Leggings }
            running nike women's half marathon washington dc 2014         running nike women's half marathon washington dc 2014 capital hill
 { Race Day }